"Song Service" at The Lost Church

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The Lost Church Santa Rosa, 850 4th St, Santa Rosa

Stanroy Music Center Presents Song Service, an intimate evening with three artists passing the spotlight. Expect insights into the craft of the song from inspiration to final form. *Every Third Thursday

Artist Jennaé aka TeloMirror flips through multiple instruments while creating soundscapes full of colorful melodies and abstract stories. Known to express anything but traditional bluegrass on the electric banjo, she enjoys genre bending and keeping things weird. Her live performances and studio material (under the names Seek the Freek and TeloMirror) are a blend of experimental songwriting, instrumentation, and visual art. Spontaneously shapeshifting back and forth from solo to full orchestration, the live experiences are unique to the occasions. https://www.imajennaetion.com/2listen https://instagram.com/telomirror

Eileen Torrez is a captivating songwriter whose dynamic vocals and nuanced guitar work bridge the gap between folk-rock, indie pop and soul. Always poignant, often playful, her clever and deeply personal lyrics tell stories of finding joy in survival and peace in the throes of destruction. She remains curious about meaning and writes love and anger with equal reverence. You can learn more about her music at www.eileentorrez.com.

Pete Riley https://www.instagram.com/petewoodmac_/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av9Pb44Ejrs