Radical, beautiful music for uncertain times

Eileen Torrez is a singer-songwriter based in Oakland, CA performing a feisty blend of folk-pop and R&B. Her music builds on themes of community resilience and women's empowerment. 

Eileen writes sharp, engaging lyrics and delivers them with sweetness and style - often twisting melodies and fusing genres into combinations that entrance and inspire, leaving listeners on repeat. 

Check out her new project, Coryphantha or learn more about her solo work below.


Oakland Soul Band, Oakland Rock Band, Unique Rock Music Bay Area, East Bay Bands, San Francisco Bands

Coryphantha is Eileen's latest project, a rock trio focused on bringing the sounds of joy and revolution to the stage. Ultimately sing-alongable and dance-worthy.

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Her voice is like a poison flower. Like everyone’s thinking 'wow, it’s so pretty'... but she could still hit you with the uppercut!”

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