1. Bittersweet

From the recording Honey and Zest

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[Verse 1]
I can't untwine the threads of fate
To free you from such heavy weight
And I can't make the path of fortune swerve
To give you what you most deserve

But I can bring you one heartbeat
At least to make it bittersweet

[Verse 2]
I can't unwind what time has wrought
Defy the demons you have fought
And I can't wipe away the tears you've cried
That sank into your cheeks at night

But I can bring my steady feet
At least to make it bittersweet

We don't have to ask why
Only keep traveling on
Underneath the same sky
That holds the darkness with the dawn
Just keep walking down this road
I will follow where you go
No matter where it leads

[Verse 3]
Not by desire or strength of will
Can I defeat what hurts you still
And though I'd gladly take on all your pain
I can't seep the poison from your veins

But I can bring a love complete
At least to make it bittersweet