From the recording Honey and Zest

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[Verse 1]
I don't know why
I always think about these things
Promises and rings
And white lace dresses in July
I don't know why
I am invariably the first
To speak those pretty words
Without concern for the reply

It seems I'll always be the one
Who lays it all out on the line
I should be careful where I put my only heart
But anytime love rounds the bend
I throw all caution to the wind
Willing to risk my all before it even starts

[Verse 2]
I don't know why
I spin the patterns of design
At the slightest sign
Let my imagination fly
I don't know why
I lose my touch with solid ground
Twirling hopes around
And spinning daydreams in the sky

It seems I'll always be the one
Who's building castles in the clouds
I should be wary of the shifting ways of men
But at a hint of how it feels
I throw my head over my heels
Before I know it I'm a fool for love again

[Verse 3]
Oh, I would stop myself from playing
But I fear it’s now too late
I’m more hopeless than romantic
Betting on the inside strait
If I could only teach myself to hesitate
Instead I'm dreaming that I'll find
Another of my kind
Someday smiling waiting at my door
No he may not be everything I'm looking for
But surely he'll be blind as me
Not recognize what’s happening
Till we're tangled in a mess
But together nonetheless
A crazy pair, up in the air
In a castle built for two