From the recording Honey and Zest

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[Verse 1]
Hey there, San Francisco
Will you meet me where I am?
I come to you with open arms
Standing tall as I can stand
My dreams are just as golden
As the gates you've opened wide
To the countless seeking shelter by your side

[Chorus 1]
All I need is a sunny state
To lift my tired soul
I swear I'll shoulder all my old mistakes
Admit what I can't know
And hope you'll one day lead me home

[Verse 2]
Hold me, San Francisco
In the comfort of your bay
I've had my fill of wandering
And I need a place to stay
The plated paths they laid before me
Left me wanting something more
So I held out for the promise of your shore

Oh, you've got emeralds in your hillsides
Oh, you've got diamonds in your sea
Oh, I've seen the amber in your sunset skies
And I wonder could you find room
In your skyline for me

[Chorus 2]
All I need is a tender heart
To catch me as I go
This time I vow to make a better start
Surrender all control
And maybe one day call you home