To Mindanao with Love

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Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics, 518 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

On Sunday March 5, 2017, Salupongan International (SI) is proud to host To Mindanao With Love - Pt. 3, an event that celebrates the resistance and resilience of the Lumad people in the Southern Mindanao Region of the Philippines. Through art, culture and dialogue, this event aims to inform the community (here in the Bay Area) about the Lumad struggle for equitable education, human rights, genuine rights and justice.

This celebration will includes performances by Eileen Torrez, Nu Dekades (K.E.V. and Ryan Nicole), DJ Delrokz and POWER STRUGGLE's last bay area performance before he moves to the Motherland. In addition to the musical performances there will be a report-back from delegates who recently returned from community integrations with the Lumad communities in Mindanao. Proceeds from this event will provide direct support the Talaingod Health Crisis and Lumad evacuees who have been forced to leave their homes due to the heightened militarization of their communities.

To Mindanao With Love Pt. 3, will also be Salupongan International’s official launch as a membership-driven organization. Since 2014, SI has functioned as a network directed by a core steering committee. Over the years of solid outreach and educational campaigns, SI has outgrown its original organizational model. SI is at a stage where we have outgrown our current capacities and seek to recruit new members of the community to participate in overall work of Salupongan International. SI will continue its primary focus of work, which aims to empower the indigenous people of Southern Mindanao, through the building of educational centers, organizing medical missions and creating awareness on their issues. Learn more about the Talaingod Health Crisis and Salupongan International by visiting,